Staedtler 323SB20 Triplus Color 1.0 mm Fiber-tip Pen, 20 Color Set

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Staedtler Triplus color 323sb20bk
  • Staedtler Triplus Color Fiber-tip Pen
  • 1.0 mm Tip
  • 20 Color Set In Plastic Easel Case

Staedtler 323SB20BK Triplus color fiber-tip pens feature a sturdy, pressure-resistant tip and ergonomic triangular barrel for effortless, fatigue-free writing and coloring. Delivers a line width of approximately 1.0 mm. Dry-Safe feature lets you leave the cap off for days without the ink drying out. Water-based ink washes out of most textiles. Barrel has a clip to attach pen to notebooks and pockets. Ventilated cap conforms to ISO 11540 and BS 7272-1/2. Easel case opens into a convenient desk stand or sturdy carrying case. 20 color set.